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Physical Educators are one of the most open and honest faculties I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. From sharing videos of activities and lessons on Twitter to uploading folders of resources on Drive for public use, the level of professional sharing is second to none. A perfect example of this PE sharing culture was when I recently participated in the ConnectedPE online conference. I sat and listened, as passionate educators and advocates shared their knowledge with their peers from all over the globe. It was free, easy and interactive. No expensive travel and accommodation, no extended days where your focus and concentration wains in and out between coffee breaks, just good old fashioned and efficient time on task. Sound familiar? What struck me the most was how open and honest the presenters were. Often sharing resources and pedagogies that have taken years to refine and master. If all the school subjects were in a race to be better, PE would have my bet. Call me biased 🙂 but it doesn’t seem to matter where you’re from or where you’re teaching, we just want to make the experience of PE better and more meaningful for our students. Below are a few other online resources which have been useful for me in my quest to be a better teacher. I hope you find them useful too.

Coursera – a great resource founded in the US. From a course on coaching teachers to the science of coaching young athletes the platform provides a free and flexible opportunity to develop an understanding in a new or familiar area of inquiry.

Future Learn – similar to Coursera but founded in the UK this platform is also free to participate in. Courses on business, health or even geology are just a few of your options.

AIS Learning Portal – a fantastic collection of mental skills courses designed to step the athlete through the process of becoming a more mentally accomplished athlete.

CaptureGoogle Scholar – helps find scholarly work on the web. Articles, theses, books and abstracts are all included in the search. Get up to date with a search bar and click of a button.

The list will go on …


Alison – More free online courses. Categories include personal development and soft skills and schools curriculum.

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