Living immersed in a culture of sport and physical activity, it was a natural progression to venture into the world of Health and Physical Education. I attended Queensland University of Technology and graduated with a degree in Applied Science (Human Movement) and a degree in Education (Secondary). Since 2005 I have taught HPE across all year levels K through 12 along with a range of other subjects including Science and Biology.

Schools are truly inspiring and fun places to be present in. I relish the amazing diversity and challenge that international education provides. Pedagogically it is my ambition to ensure that all students are forwarded the opportunity to create their own love of learning. Enjoyment coupled with challenge leads to engagement; with engagement facilitating the deeper understanding and physical literacy I strive to develop within my students. This blog is to be a space to log my professional thoughts and opinions in order to raise awareness and spark conversation. I hope to contribute positively to the amazing online PE community. I don’t claim to be an expert but I do claim to be passionate, willing to learn and willing to share.  Hope you enjoy!